Jade Roller




Jade Rollers give your face and neck a gentle massage, leaving your skin glowing.

With over 300 lymph nodes in the face and neck,  with routine use, jade rollers help keep the lymph moving and draining, as well as stimulate circulation while decreasing puffiness and inflammation.

These rollers are double-ended, with the big roller being suitable for the face and neck, and the small roller being best for around the eyes.

Made with natural green jade.

According to naturopathic medicine, green jade is associated with the heart chakra and is useful to treat stress, anxiety, and blood circulation disorders.  Besides being known as an amulet of good luck and protection,  jade also is known to assist the body’s healing process. As a powerful and potent cleansing stone, it helps detoxify, fight infections, and balance the body’s fluid systems.



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